How to wipe out 100% of your worthlessness (in a single moment) - The Self-Worth Experiment

How to wipe out 100% of your worthlessness (in a single moment)

By Dr Berni Sewell | Heal your self-worth

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May 19
How to wipe out 100% of your worthlessness (in a single moment)

Work is insanely busy at the moment.

​​And I spend most of my days​ doing things I don't enjoy much (such as data analysis, document review and questionnaire design). Sometimes it feels like all I do is sleep, work and drive to and from work.

So, today, in the car (to work), out of the blue, I thought: "When will I get a chance to live?"

And from the furthest corner of my mind a little voice replied: "You are living. Now."

It was a much-needed reminder of the importance of living in the present. Because the present moment is all we have.

The past is gone, nothing but scattered memories and emotions we cling on to. And our future is fiction, a movie of the mind. A mere projection fed by past experiences, fears and worries. But none of it real.

So, we can only live in the moment. We can only be happy right here. Right now.

And it’s the present where we ARE 100% worth. Let me explain.

The worthlessness time travel paradox

When I tell you that you ARE worth personified, do you immediately think of arguments why this can’t be true? Your mind automatically listing all the reasons why you are actually worthless?

But this belief in your own worthlessness originates entirely in the past. It is based on painful memories of abuse, neglect, abandonment. It was implanted in you every time you were told that you are useless, unacceptable or impossible to love. And is fuelled by recollections of things you aren’t proud of, mistakes you made and humiliation you experienced.

In the past.

And it is perpetuated by your mind projecting this belief into your future. Anticipating failure in whatever you do. Worrying about catastrophes caused by your perceived incompetence. Foreseeing rejection in every social interaction.

During some unspecified time in the future. Based on worthlessness data collected in the past.

But if you push aside all the memories and learned behaviours, if you silence the unrelenting stream of anxious worries and self-condemning thoughts, your worthlessness disintegrates.

Just for one moment.

And this one moment is your only true reality. The only life you will ever have. In the present is where you exist. Where you make choices and take action. 

All the rest is history. Or fiction. Memory or worry. Long gone or not yet come to pass. 

This very moment is all that counts. And in this moment, right here and now, you ARE worth.

Yes, but…

I know what you are thinking.

  • How can I BE worth in the present moment, when right here and now I am still a social misfit, I am still lonely, still without love?

But your current situation is a reflection of your feelings of worthlessness that you accumulated in the past. Deep down you felt unworthy of love, respect, companionship in the past. You believed that you weren’t destined to be liked, not good enough to be accepted. In the past.

Which led you to where you are now. But it doesn’t change the fact that infinite worth is your true reality. And if you embrace your worth in this very moment, a conscious moment a few weeks from now will look different.

  • How can I BE worth if, here and now, I’m still behind in my career compared to others, if I am stuck, have no goals, purpose or motivation?

Your perception of your pathetic place in society and on the (imaginary) worth scale is based on certain worth criteria you learnt since early childhood. They were shown, told and beaten into you in the past. 

Where you are in your career, your achievements and purpose (or lack thereof) don’t change anything about your absolute worth. And you can choose, in this very moment, to stop believing that they do.

  • How can I BE worth if, in this moment, I am still not perfect, am still overweight, out of control of my life, struggling and making mistakes?

Again, you were indoctrinated with the belief that you need to be perfect in every possible way to be worth in the past. Everybody struggles, everybody makes mistakes. You are not the only one! Nobody is perfect.

And it’s ok. Because it doesn’t change anything about your unconditional worth. Every single prerequisite we associate with worth is nonsense. Lies we accepted as the truth a long time ago.

And this present moment is the only time we can let these misconceptions go. And free ourselves form worthlessness.

Because in the present is life, peace and happiness. In the present is YOU. Without all the old baggage and future fears.

And you ARE worth. Right here and now. In this moment. And every moment. As long as you shall live.

And if your mind is still coming up with more reasons why you cannot possibly BE worth in the present moment, leave me a comment or send me a message to let me know.

I am here to argue the case of your inherent worth. I am here to help you fight for your deservedness and happiness. Here to assist in the battle against your inner demons.

And I can do this all day.