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Understanding the root cause of your anxiety (to finally heal)

By Dr Berni Sewell | Overcome your fears

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Feb 27
Understanding the root cause of your anxiety

I noticed lately that anxiety is creeping up on me again.

Several times in the last few weeks, if only for a moment, its invisible, cold hand clutched my chest and twisted my stomach. Especially before meetings, teleconferences or when I had to go out. Even if it was only to take the cat to the vet or my daughter to ballet lesson.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

I’ve told you many times that I overcame my anxiety. I keep instructing you on ways how to eliminate the fear. And maybe that’s the reason why you are still reading my posts. Maybe you are hoping that you can free yourself from anxiety if you do what I did. 

Because I succeeded.

So, to hear that anxiety still is part of my life must feel like a slap in the face. WTF, right?

But the thing is that I am not worried by anxiety’s return. I am not scared that I will be doomed to a life paralysed by fear. That I will return to a life sentence of misery.

Trying to function in the world without anybody noticing my constant state of terror. Pretending that I’m fine while battling a fire-breathing monstrosity every minute of every day. Mortified of people’s judgements whenever I fail to contain the panic

Been there, done that. Can’t recommend.

I no longer fear anxiety. It doesn’t make me feel like a failure, or a hopeless case. Or, in fact, a hypocrite.

Because I know something now I wish someone had told me 20 years ago. How much suffering it would have spared me. 

The eye-opening reason why anxiety is not the enemy

You see, in my early twenties, anxiety dominated my life. It controlled where I could go, who I could meet and what I would dare to expect from life. It was my master and I was its slave. Looking back, I think I feared anxiety itself more than the things that had initially caused it.

Yes, I dreaded many aspects of life. But more importantly, I feared fear itself. 

Anxiety was an overwhelming beast that threatened to devour me when I strayed off my familiar, safe routine. The hell hound that awoke and punished me whenever I even peered towards the edge of my comfort zone.

I was terrified of the awful urgency in my guts, the suffocating pressure on my chest, the all-consuming panic attacks and the fuzzy blank in my brain. I was mortified by all the ways my fear response could (and would) humiliate me in front of other people.

And I was ashamed of my weakness, my inability to slay the monster. To live life on my own terms.

And I assume most people suffering from anxiety will perceive their fear in a similar way.

But the truth is that anxiety is not the monster.

It is merely a warning system. Trying to alert us to the true danger. Anxiety isn’t trying to destroy us. It is doing its utmost to stop us from being destroyed by the real problem.

But, unfortunately for us, we don’t know that.

The root cause of your anxiety - the serious problem that needs urgent attention

We all have a physical body and an energy body. And a balanced energy flow through our energy body is the essential prerequisite for health, emotional balance and wellbeing.

Now, this vital life force can become blocked.

You see, whenever we suppress an emotion, don’t speak our truth or cling on to something that happened to us in the past, we put an obstacle in the flow of healthy energy.

And the more we cling onto, the more we suppress and stuff down, the less balanced the energy flow will become. The strong current will die to a trickle, constricted by a mountain of pent-up emotions.

As the result of this restricted flow, the pressure within our energy body rises. And the more we stuff into it, the more we cling on to resentment, past trauma and our emotions, the higher the pressure becomes.

Until we get to a point where the energy body can no longer cope, and the excessive pressure becomes detrimental to our health.

And the only way our energy body can communicate its distress is through emotional pain.

So, anxiety is your energy body ringing alarm bells. As such it is a healthy reaction to a potentially dangerous situation. A nudge to address the real issue, which is the excessive pressure in the energy body.

And the higher the pressure, the bigger the nudge, the more severe the anxiety.

What we achieve when we try to overcome our anxiety, is nothing more than silencing the alarm bell. So, it will bother us less.

When, really, you should focus all your efforts on eradicating the root cause of your anxiety, on reducing internal pressure. So, there won’t be a need for alarm.

And the anxiety stops. All by itself.


How to deactivate the energy body’s alarm system for good

You see, the occasional return of my anxiety is nothing to fear. But still, it’s something to take seriously. 

Because it means that I had too much stress. To little opportunity to relax. And no time to actively reduce internal pressure.

And the only way to eliminate the excessive internal pressure that triggers the anxiety alarm is through emotional hygiene. Which has to be part of daily self-care to avoid the painful consequences of pent-up emotions.

Such as anxiety.

So, anxiety is never the enemy. It’s a misunderstood friend trying to remind us to look after ourselves. Its warnings are gentle at first but grow increasingly violent and obnoxious the longer it is ignored.

But that’s its job. You wouldn’t want a fire alarm that you can’t hear.

Anxiety has to be loud, it has to be painful. So, we cannot ignore its warning.

Because excessive internal pressure, the root cause of your anxiety, is the biggest danger to your wellbeing you will ever face. Every mental and physical disease starts with an imbalance in the energy system, from depression to burn out to heart disease.

And anxiety cannot stop ringing in your ears until you listen.

How to eradicate the root cause of your anxiety 

Anxiety isn’t a character weakness or illness. It doesn’t make you damaged or worthless. In fact, all it says about you is that you are prone to suppressing your emotions and suffered trauma in your life.

And that your energy body’s warning system is working perfectly.

The true issue is the excessive pressure in your energy system. Which results from too many suppressed emotions, too much clinging onto memories, experiences and feelings that no longer serve you. 

And too much stress.

So, trying to overcome your anxiety by focussing on the anxiety alone is like attempting to stop a nuclear fallout by disabling the alarm in the reactor.

If you really want to eliminate chronic fear from your life, you have to tackle the root cause of your anxiety. Stop fearing it and welcome it as a sign that you must reduce your internal pressure.

So, focus on emotional hygiene and stress reduction whenever anxiety appears in your life. Build them into your life. As part of a daily self-care ritual.

Which will boost your health and wellbeing, increase self-love and self-worth. And reduce internal pressure.

And anxiety will never be a problem again.

A free self-care plan designed to stop the anxiety alarm

So, reducing internal pressure in your energy body is the only true way to eliminate the root cause of your anxiety. 

But where do you start?

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