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A powerful way to stop worrying

By Dr Berni Sewell | Overcome your fears

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Feb 15
A powerful way to stop worrying

My 4-year old has a little cuddly toy called Biff. Biff is a "worry eater".

When she's worried about starting school, scared of the dark or anxious about performing the ABC song in the nursery play, we write her worry on a piece of paper.

We put the piece of paper in Biff's mouth, close the zip and put him in bed with her.

The next morning (with some Mummy assistance obviously) the worry is gone. All gobbled up. Or so she thinks.

The important thing is that she stops worrying. She surrendered the anxious thoughts to somebody else and trusts that the problems will be taken care of.

End of story. No more worry.

I guess now you think: "What a lovely way to stop worrying. For a pre-schooler. But how could this ever work for me?"

Well, the good news is that this tactic works at every age…

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The 3 core beliefs that cause all your worries

Most of us grow up internalising 3 damaging beliefs from society and the people around us:

  • ​If we want to have happiness, abundance, love or anything else we desire, we need to deserve it and work hard for it.
  • ​If we want to keep the things we treasure, we have to cling on to them.
  • ​If we don’t control every aspect of our life, it will fall apart.

Paired with low self-worth, these beliefs are the roots of all worry.

Because we think we have to achieve, succeed and accomplish to be deserving but don't feel good enough. We are convinced we must clutch what we love but feel too unlovable and unworthy to deserve it. And we believe we need to control but feel too weak, exhausted and incompetent to do so.

Believing in our inherent worthlessness, we don't really feel worthy of good things, miraculous resolutions and happy endings. So why would they come to us?

The result is endless spirals of unproductive thoughts, unlimited visions of worst case scenarios, disasters and catastrophes and exhausting mental swirls of possible solutions, escape plans and potential outcomes.

In one word, we worry.

A simple tactic to stop worrying

The real problem with worrying is that we feed a difficult situation with even more negative energy. And the outcome is therefore often negative as well.

Which confirms to us that we were right to worry and amplifies the worrying next time.

And so it goes on. An ever circling self-fulfilling prophecy.

In order to have a good outcome to our problems, we need to nurture the issue with positive energy. And the best way to do this is by blessing it with love and surrendering the whole mess that keeps us awake at night to the Universe.

You see the Universe loves you unconditionally. It knows you better than you know yourself. It sees the unlimited worth that you ARE. It has no doubts about your deservedness. 

For the Universe you are a perfect, adorable, wonderful and infinitely worthy expression of life. You deserve the best that this life has to offer. And your path and all the gifts that you are meant to receive are laid out for you already.

But by worrying we block the universal flow that wants to carry us to our "happily ever after".

A powerful way to stop worrying

We are too busy imagining nightmares and overlook the hints, synchronicities and bread crumbs the Universe puts in front of us to show us the way. We blindly stumble past the perfect, ready-made solution to our problems because we do not trust in ourselves, our worth and the Universe's good intentions towards us.

So, next time you worry about your health, finances, career, relationship, whatever it may be, surrender the problem to the Universe. Affirm:

"I bless this situation and everybody involved with love. I know the perfect solution is already chosen and I allow the Universe to show me the way to whatever is best for me."

And then let go. Stop worrying.

Trust that the Universe will lead you where you need to be. Look out for the signs and follow them. And see how life unfolds beautifully without anxiety and worry.

You deserve happiness and a peaceful, worry-free life. You ARE worth!

The Universe knows this. It’s time you know it too.

Maybe surrendering your worries to the Universe is just for pre-schoolers. But I have surrendered all my problems to the Universe for many years, trusting that the chosen outcome will be the best for me.

And all I know is that I was never disappointed.

So why not give it a try. What do you have to lose except your worries?

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