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Know your worth – the easiest way to overcome anxiety and low confidence

By Dr Berni Sewell | Heal your self-worth

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Sep 17
Know your worth - The easiest way to overcome anxiety and low confidence

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Know Your Worth - the easiest way to overcome anxiety and low confidence

Never feeling good enough, no matter how hard you try, can make you feel like a fraud, ruin your self-confidence, and cause a massive amount of stress and anxiety.

And most of the time you will blame yourself. And sometimes you may even hate yourself or believe that you are a failure. 

When in fact, it isn’t your fault at all.

Because your feelings of never being good enough are merely a logical, and unfortunately unavoidable, consequence of the way we were all brought up.

But there is ONE thing you can do to ban the feeling of "not good enough" from your life and finally overcome anxiety and low confidence.

The unsolvable conundrum that rules our life

You see, we inherited the way we think about a person’s worth from our parents, our peers. And if you really think about it, society leaves you no choice but to feel not good enough.

Because, in our Westernised society, we are being taught from birth that we are empty vessels, devoid of any worth. Like a hole in the sand we are totally empty.

No worth anywhere. 

But we are also made to believe that we must have worth to deserve the things we desire in life. So, we must fill our empty hole in the sand with worth all the way to the top, so we can become deserving of love, abundance, happiness, other people’s respect, the nice house we want. You name it.

And that’s what we set out to do.

We devote our entire life to the accumulation of enough worth. We work as hard as we can every day to prove our worth and scrape together all the worth we can find. 

So we can fill our empty worth hole. And become worthy of our dreams

But there is one massive problem with this strategy.

The annoying reason why we never feel good enough

You see, for some reason or the other, our worth just won’t stick. It’s like pouring a bucket of water into a hole in the sand. Slowly but surely the water will soak into the sand and disappear. 

The same happens with your worth. All that worth that you worked so hard to scrape together, just seems to vanish.

Every time you make a mistake, some of it runs through the sand. Every time you say the wrong thing, are humiliated, rejected or criticised, a bit of your worth is lost.

Until your hole in the sand is empty again. And you are worthless once more.

So what do we do? How do we solve this problem?

Well, we work harder, of course.

Because we know we need worth if we ever want to be happy.

So we burn the midnight oil, show our commitment. We run faster and faster, become busier and busier to try and fill our worth hole quicker than it can empty again. We give it our all to try and fill ourselves up with worth. Until we have no time left for anything else in life, no time for the things we used to enjoy.  

Until we are completely exhausted, burnt out from the relentless pursuit of more and more worth. 

And still, our worth dissipates every time. No matter what we do and how hard we try. 

And we blame ourselves for our failure to fill ourselves up with worth. Clearly, we must not work hard enough.

We simply aren’t fast enough getting the worth together. We aren't good enough the way we are.

And there seems to be only one solution left for us...

If we aren't good enough, we'll have to be perfect

Once we realise that we cannot accumulate worth faster than we lose it, we only have one option left how we can fill ourselves up with worth and become deserving of what we desire in life.

And that’s to stop the worth from soaking back into the sand in the first place. And the only way of doing this is to stop losing worth by making mistakes, having flaws or being criticised

In other words, we must become perfect. 

And goodness knows we try.

We bend over backwards, stressing over perfecting our looks, our character and personality, our work. We sacrifice our happiness in a never-ending quest to extinguish all our shortcomings.

We are hard on ourselves, whip ourselves on and on, expecting nothing but perfection from whatever we do. 

But still, no matter what we do and how much we push ourselves to be perfect, our worth still runs through the sand. 

Even if we struggle all day and worry all night to improve ourselves and be perfect, one mistake or wrong word can destroy it all in an instant.

Leaving us worthless once again.

And the only explanation we have for our inability to hold on to the worth we so painstakingly collected is that we aren’t good enough. 

We start to believe that we aren’t pretty enough, not smart enough, not successful enough. We just aren’t good enough to reach the perfection we need to have worth.

And we beat ourselves up for our flaws and mistakes. We hate ourselves for our failings. We get angry and upset if we are criticised. 

Because we believe it’s our imperfection that costs us our worth.

And our happiness.

We start to feel chronically not good enough, because no matter what we do, how successful we think we are and how hard we work, we remain unworthy.

Which destroys our ability to love and accept ourselves, ruins our self-confidence and self-belief and causes endless anxiety and even depression in our lives.

But there is a solution to this problem. And it is much easier than you may think.

The ONE successful way to finally feel good enough and overcome anxiety and low confidence

So far, throughout our lives, we have considered two ways to gain enough worth to deserve a good life:

  • We must either collect worth as efficiently and fast as we can so we accumulate more worth than we lose through making mistakes at any one point.
  • Or we must ensure we don't lose our hard-earned worth by stopping to make mistakes and being perfect at all times.

And unfortunately for us, none of these options is achievable. If we keep trying to fill our worth hole, our worth will always sink back into the sand. And we will be stuck feeling worthless and not good enough for the rest of our lives. 

But there is a different way of doing it. There is third option!

A simple, yet eye-opening shift you can make in the way you think about your own worth which will eradicate the entire need to be good enough, be perfect and accumulate worth.

And this one easy mind shift will change everything.

The simple mind shift that will change your life for good

You see, we’ve all grown up being told that we are inherently worthless. 

We were taught that we have to work as hard as we can, be as perfect as we can to hang on to the tiny bits of worth we can manage to scrape together. And most, if not all our struggles, problems and anxieties come from our inability to do that.

Because perfection does not exist. Our flaws are what makes us unique and we can never completely eradicate them. And our mistakes are an important part of how we grow and learn. And we will always make them. That’s just life.

So, we will never be able to hold on to our worth. It's impossible.

But not because we aren’t good enough. Or there is something terribly wrong with us.

But because it is not necessary.

We don’t need to exhaust ourselves to gather worth. We don’t have to be perfect to cling on to the measly bit of worth we can gather in our tiny buckets. 

All we need to do is see the truth.

We have been looking at our worth from the wrong perspective. We have wrongly believed all our lives that we are worthless by nature. 

But the truth is that worth is not something you need to gain or gather. And it’s nothing you can lose.

Because here’s the game-changing truth.

The eye-opening truth that will liberate you from "not good enough" 

You see, you are not an empty, worthless hole in the sand. You never were.

Because you are a boundless ocean of unlimited worth. 

From the moment you are born to the minute you die, your worth is infinite. Unlimited worth is your birth right, it’s what you are. All this worth is already within you, part of you.

You ARE worth.

All it takes is for you to shift your perspective, to widen your view, so you can see all the worth that you already are. 

You already, and always are worthy of the things you dream of. You already are deserving of love, abundance, happiness. And you can stop sacrificing your happiness, the things you enjoy and a good life for the relentless pursuit of more worth.

And you will always be good enough.

Because once you realise that your true worth is infinite, your flaws become irrelevant. Perfection isn’t required. And your mistakes no longer matter.

So what if you make a mistake and spill a bucket of worth?

You still have an unlimited ocean of worth left. You still ARE worth, personified.

Once you realise this, you are free to take more risks, grow and learn without fear of failure and mistakes. 

Because no matter how much worth you lose, you still ARE worth.

And nothing will ever change that.

Once you accept this life-changing truth about your worth, you can start to transform your chronic “not-good-enough” mindset. You can start to heal your relationship with yourself. 

Because you are so much more than you thought you were.

And you can start to overcome anxiety and low confidence that come as a result of a relentless pursuit for worth that was doomed to failed from the start.

And was never required in the first place. 

How to start feeling good enough and overcome anxiety and low confidence

And making this mind shift is easy.

Start by thinking of the ocean, this vast, infinite source of worth that exists within you and will never dry out.

And affirm: “I AM worth”.

Do it several times a day, as often as you need to until your mind starts to believe it.

And you will transform your life. 

Because you ARE worth. You are good enough. And I think it’s about time you know it.

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