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Your FREE Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit

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  • An empowering new mindset that will make you feel good about yourself, no matter what.
  • A unique approach to conquer low confidence, anxiety, shame and guilt.
  • 4 life-changing action steps to kickstart your journey to healthy self-worth, self-respect and self-love.

​What other people say​:

The Instant Self-worth work book is easily one of the best things I've ever read in my entire life. It explains what "I AM worth" actually means so simply. It helped a lot. I'm gonna practice the action steps every day.

MATTEO V.  //  Canada

​This was like the last piece of a puzzle. I finally got it. I finally understood what is wrong with me and why so many things in my life aren't working. I have said "I feel worthless, I am not confident" so many times in the past. But it never appeared to me that it is the reason for all my struggles, not the outcome.

MARIA K.  //  Ohio

My heart and soul are finally recovering from decades of self-abuse and a harsh inner critic

My heart and soul are finally recovering from decades of self-abuse and a harsh inner critic

Th​is really saved me from myself! I have suffered with low self-esteem all my life and never knew how to "get better". Until now! The guide helped me to realise that I am and was and forever will be worth and that nothing can take that away. That's huge for me! I was in a really bad place, very dark and scary. But in just a few days I have gone from being run by my emotions to being completely back in control of me and loving the person I am.

​KATHY D.  //  United Kingdom

Change your thoughts, change your life

​Get your Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit now and discover:

  • ​How to break the vicious cycle of unworthiness that's causing all your struggles
  • ​The 4 powerful action steps to a happier, calmer, more confident YOU
  • ​The crucial, but forgotten truth that will instantly make you feel better about yourself
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    ​​How to use the "antibiotic approach" to overcome negativity, guilt and self-condemnation
  • ​How to become immune to failure, criticism and rejection
  • ​How to conquer anxiety, doubts and worries in daily life, at work and when meeting new people
  • ​A reliable way to rewrite your story and accept yourself (no matter where you are right now)
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About The Self-Worth Experiment

Who I am​​​​ and how I can help you...

  • ​​​I am Dr Berni Sewell, PhD, a health scientist, energy healer and self-worth blogger.
  • ​​​I was a prisoner of severe anxiety, fear of judgement and debilitating self-doubt for almost 15 years. All because I lacked self-worth.
  • ​​​But I healed my life by eliminating low self-worth as the root cause of my struggles. I am free. And now I want to help you transform your life.
  • ​​​You deserve to be happy, confident, free from fear and worry. And it is my passion to support you on your journey to self-love. Are you ready to remember that you ARE worth?