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I am completely unremarkable, so what?

By Dr Berni Sewell | Heal your self-worth

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Jun 01
I am completely unremarkable, so what?

I am not especially talented, particularly pretty or extraordinarily clever. I am probably quite average. Nothing about me stands out from the crowd. Which used to bother me.

A lot.

So, all my life, I was yearning to be someone special, to achieve something special or be part of something special.

As a teenager, I made a big deal out of a minor skin condition I was born with. Because it made me stand out from the crowd. I worked my socks off to achieve good grades in school and gain higher qualifications so I would in some way be notable.

And I went out of my way to help others achieve their dreams and goals (e.g. my first boyfriend's rock band, my husband's business or charity volunteering), so I would be the supporting act of something amazing.

But it never worked.

No matter what I achieved, what I created or helped others to accomplish, it always felt irrelevant. As if everything I participated in was automatically destined to be unremarkable.

That's what life becomes when your self-worth is low. It's not that you do not achieve greatness.

It's that you do not allow yourself to see it.

The significance of healthy self-worth

If, deep inside your core, you feel inferior, small and unworthy, nothing you ever do, no accomplishment, achievement or success will ever change it. Will ever make you feel proud of yourself.

Will ever be enough.

With a deeply rooted belief that you are worthless, any sense of worth gained from other people's approval, recognition and acknowledgement will be fleeting and fragile. Wiped out instantly with any harsh word of criticism or rejection.

You see, as long as you do not know that you ARE worth personified, your life will be irrelevant. In your eyes. In your distorted perception of your undeserving existence.

Because, in reality, your true inner worth does not depend on any external factors and does not change no matter what you do. You are a remarkable, beautiful and unique expression of life. Always. Every minute of every day.

All of us are.

None of us might stand out, but all of us are inherently remarkable in our own way. None inferior or superior to any other.

And it is our task in life to become fully aware of this fact. To feel the exquisite worth and excellent value in every cell of our body and every part of our soul.

So we can be proud of ourselves. So we can marvel in awe at the inspired creation we are. So we can be happy.

We ARE worth.

We just need to allow ourselves to realise it...

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