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Free Yourself from Low Self-Worth and Create a Life You Will Love

You made the first step towards healthy self-worth. Now learn and apply the 3 essential life skills you need to overcome all 5 levels of low self-worth. So you can love and accept yourself, believe in your worth and create the life you desire (even if you tried and failed in the past).

Break Free from low self-worth

Do you still struggle with toxic self-talk, self-doubt and anxiety?

Have you tried to affirm “I AM worth”, repeated it over and over again? But you just can't feel it in your heart because you are stuck in automated negative thinking and limiting beliefs?

I know how it feels to be stuck in low self-worth. You have dreams, desires. So many things you want and wish for in life. But somehow, nothing ever changes. 

You are stuck in unfulfilling relationships, your partners keep taking advantage of you, friends keep abandoning you. And you start every new connection with a crippling fear of losing them. Hiding your unlovable self in the hope to please other people. Only to face the soul-piercing pain of rejection yet again.

Low confidence and social anxiety sabotage your career. You want to achieve something meaningful to prove your worth. But you are trapped in insignificance. Because, deep down, you feel like a fraud, you expect things to always go wrong for you and you just can’t summon up the courage to face yet another failure.

You yearn to move forward, catch up to all the other people around you who seem to be so far ahead compared to you. But you don’t trust your own ideas and opinions, you overthink everything, need validation. And, in the end, toxic self-talk and procrastination keep you confined in a miserable life you resent.

You demand perfection from yourself at all times. But you are never good enough for anything or anyone, not even yourself. Forever stuck in mediocrity and inferiority.

You have tried to pursue your dreams so many times, desperate for a happier life. But you doubt yourself. Somehow, you believe that you don't deserve for things to improve. And somewhere along the painful journey, you lost hope. 

I'm Dr Berni Sewell, and I was exactly where you are now

At age 25, my boyfriend had just left me for another woman. And I had no clue who I was. Because I had spent 8 years pretending to be everything he wanted, detaining all I truly was to please him.

Social anxiety stopped me from meeting other people. Toilet anxiety prevented me from travelling or even going to the movies. I was trapped in my tiny flat in Vienna.

I watched other people do what I wanted, experience what I longed for, achieve what I couldn't. Knowing, deep down, that I would never be good enough. That I was doomed to a miserable, lonely life full of regrets and resentment.

I was a prisoner of low self-worth. Unable to escape the anxiety and self-doubt that incarcerated me in my tiny discomfort zone. I knew, one day, it would destroy me.

And I was determined to break free before it did...

Discovering the Little-Known Reason Why We Are Stuck in Low Self-Worth

I started like you. With affirming that I WAS worth. I endlessly repeated this mantra in my mind whenever I walked anywhere, while cooking, cleaning or brushing my teeth.

And things improved. But I was still stuck in automated, negative thinking, destructive habits and limiting beliefs. Wherever I turned, an unsurmountable wall towered between me and life. And I blamed myself for my failure to overcome low self-worth.

But I wasn't ready to give up just yet. For years, I researched, read, studied. I even trained as an energy healer to find ways to escape my suffering.

Until I discovered the truth: Low self-worth really was my prison.

My comfort zone was my cell, my emotional baggage the shackles that kept me contained. My self-condemning mind was the guard that stopped me from escaping and my limiting beliefs the prison wall that blocked my attempts to break free.

Five levels of low self-worth loomed between me and the life I so wanted. It wasn't my fault that I was stuck.

And it isn't yours either.

We just don't know. Nobody tells us that low self-worth is a 5-level high-security prison designed to keep us trapped for life. And if we ever want to be free to pursue a life we love and express our true, authentic self, we have to break through all those 5 levels of low self-worth.

Overcoming the 5 Levels of Low Self-Worth as the Key to Breaking Free

My life started to change from the moment I discovered the 5 levels of low self-worth that stood between me and my dream life:

Level 1: Unconsciousness

We are all born into a society that believes in our inherent worthlessness. We are told that we have to sacrifice ourselves in the pursuit of worth. Accumulate ever more worth, so we can one day become deserving of love, abundance and happiness.

Most of us are completely unconscious of our strength, our possibilities, unaware of our true, inner worth.

Removing the layer of unconsciousness, realising that you ARE worth personified, is therefore the key to escaping the prison of low self-worth.

And you have done this already. So, be proud of yourself! Only four more levels to go!

Level 2: Societal conditioning

Our society evolved around the belief in our inherent worthlessness. It's obsessed with the accumulation of possessions, wealth and other externalities. It demands beauty, popularity and perfection. Because they are considered worth-increasing. 

From birth, we are conditioned to strive for worth above all else. We hustle, please, beg and cheat to fufil the required criteria. And are devastated if we fail.

And we need to learn to disengage from the madness and see the truth if we ever want to break free.

Level 3: past baggage

We all made mistakes in the past. Maybe we did things we regret. Or we experienced neglect and abuse which made us believe that we deserve to be in prison, that our life sentence is justified.

But if you ever want to escape the low self-worth prison, you need to learn to forgive yourself. You have done your time, you have been punished enough.

Now it's time to pardon yourself. And embrace the fact that you deserve a better life. No matter what happened in the past.

Level 4: the prison guard

When we are trapped in the prison of low self-worth, our conditioned mind acts as the guard. It keeps us trapped through low confidence.

It tortures us with toxic self-talk, self-doubt and self-judgement if we dare to plan our escape.

And it shoots us down with anxiety and despair if we make a move towards a better life.

And it's about time we overpower the mind and regain control of our life.

Level 5: the prison wall

If we do make it out of our cell and past the guard, we face the wall of limiting beliefs. Wherever we turn, our limitations stop us in our tracks, every limiting belief a brick in an unsurmountable fortification.

We believe we will fail anyway, that we aren't good enough, that we are too weak. Thousands of limiting beliefs block our way.

And we need to find a powerful way to blast through them fast if we ever want to break free from low self-worth prison and live a life we love (and deserve).


The 3 Essential Life Skills You Need to Free Yourself from Low Self-Worth

Like you, I had already busted through the first level. Simply by knowing that I WAS worth. And that there was something else out there for me, something more. It was the key to my cell.

But now I needed to find ways to break through the other 4 levels of my low self-worth prison.

It took me a long time to assemble the perfect set of tools and skills to be able to break through all 5 levels of low self-worth. I discovered that we require 3 essential life skills that we all should learn as children, but we don't:

x-ray vision

We need to learn to see through the insanity of society's worth criteria. And see past our previous mistakes and shortcomings if we want to free ourselves from levels 2 and 3 of low self-worth.

mind control

We must have a way to take control of our thoughts, disempower the mind and transform toxic thought patterns if we want to move towards freedom past level 4 of low self-worth.

energy blast

We have to find the most powerful tool to eradicate the vast number of limiting beliefs fast if we want to break free from level 5 of our low self-worth prison in the shortest time possible.

After years of searching, trying and failing, I finally had all I needed to free myself. And, as I applied the 3 essential life skills, I started to heal. Within 6 weeks, I broke free from low self-worth, demolished the walls, left my prison behind. And started to create a life I now love.

Free from anxiety, self-condemnation and regrets.

I am free to do what I want, be who I am, follow my dreams, try new things. Without low self-worth holding me back.

And I now want to help you to Break Free from your low self-worth prison.

What If You Could Finally Be Free From Low Self-Worth?

Imagine, 6 weeks from now, you could have left your low self-worth prison behind. You could finally be free to embark on the amazing journey of the life you are meant to live. 

Ready to start creating awesome experiences, loving relationships and wonderful opportunities. Able to move towards your dreams with self-compassion and self-love, knowing that you deserve happiness.

What would your life look like if you were free from low self-worth? How would it feel? What could you do? And who would you be?

Do you want to find out?
Break Free from low self-worth

Introducing...Break Free from Low Self-Worth

A 6-week online self-worth healing program

Right now, you are stuck in a prison. Condemned to a miserable life in the puny cell of your comfort zone. Restraint by self-doubt and anxiety and tortured by toxic self-talk. Despite all your efforts, you are still trapped, unable to escape and live life on your own terms. Because, no matter what you have tried so far, the 5 levels of low self-worth still tower between you and your freedom, your dreams and your happiness. But that’s now about to change. 

Because you are going to Break Free.

Your mission in the next 6 weeks - should you choose to accept it - is to learn and apply the 3 essential life skills you need to overcome all 5 levels of low self-worth and finally escape the low self-worth prison. So, you can love and accept the person you truly are, believe in yourself and start creating your dream life.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Accept Your Mission

When you accept your mission to learn and apply the 3 essential life skills you need to bust through all 5 levels of low self-worth by enrolling in the 6-week Break Free online course, you will receive instant access to your personal course account. There you can get started with the pre-course content straight away to hit the ground running.

The course will start the next day with one course lesson becoming available every day. You will get access to 6 course modules. Every module consists of five 10 to 25-minute training videos with small step-by-step actions to complete and two catch-up days. So you can progress your escape from low self-worth prison without ever getting overwhelmed. You will also have access to a recorded Frequently Asked Question session for every course module.

Just think, in 6 weeks from now, you will have escaped from the prison of low self-worth, leaving behind self-condemnation, limitations and regrets. Having gained all the skills you need to remain free.

And, you'll have a specific plan for moving forward with clarity and confidence, so you can put aside your fears and doubts, knowing you're on the right path and have the tools to create the life you love!

During the course, you will discover:

Your "Worthless" to limitless roadmap

Escaping low self-worth requires a specific roadmap to navigate your way through all 5 levels of low self-worth.

I will give you simple step-by-step instructions for your escape. So you can be sure that, at the end of our 6 weeks together, your low self-worth prison lies firmly behind you. And you can finally start to create the life and relationships you always dreamed of.

the superpowers within you

You will need 3 essential life skills to break through all 5 levels of low self-worth: X-ray vision, mind control and energy blast. 

Believe it or not, these 3 superpowers are already within you. And we will activate them one by one. So you can defeat all the obstacles that tower between you and your happy life.

your healing accelerator

Once you escaped your low self-worth prison, your life is going to improve faster than you may believe possible.

But first you have to blast through a massive wall of limiting beliefs that you built since you were born. And by far the quickest way to eradicate limiting beliefs, out-of-control emotions and fears is through On-Demand Micro-Healing.

And once I showed you how simple it is to use, this powerful energy healing technique is going to be your best friend forever after.

Your abundance lift

You are the creator of your life through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions that drive your actions and behaviour.

While you are trapped in low self-worth, toxic thoughts and negative beliefs create miserable experiences. Which confirm to you that you are worthless. Sucking you further and further into the downward spiral of misery.

Once you leave low self-worth behind, you are free to manifest wonderful experiences through positive thoughts and life-affirming beliefs. And your life and circumstances will be uplifted beyond belief.

At the End of the 6-Week Break Free Program you will be able to...

  • Liberate yourself from the misguided societal belief that you are inherently worthless. So you can live by your own rules rather than sacrificing your health and happiness in the obsessive and futile pursuit of imaginary worth.
  • Forgive your past mistakes and shortcomings and move forward with self-compassion and self-love. So you can stop blaming the past for how you feel and finally go after what you want and need without  questioning whether you deserve it.
  • Regain control of your thoughts and stop automated toxic self-talk and self-judgement. So you can live life to the best of your abilities without self-doubt, procrastination and chronic worrying what other people think of you.
  • Use simple but powerful energy healing techniques to instantly delete limiting beliefs, fears and painful emotions. So you can fast-track your journey to abundance and happiness without hesitation, barriers and limitations.
  • Apply a step-by-step, practical roadmap to escape the self-worth prison, overcome all resistance and create a neverending motivation stream to maintain a healthy level of worth throughout your life.

What Happy Customers Are Saying...

Bernadett T.

United Kingdom

My past, my present and my future look brighter!

I felt small and irrelevant most of the time, especially compared to people who had hurt or ignored me. I was convinced that there was nothing out there in this world for me anymore and had given up on desires, wishes, dreams or plans. I kept on looking back at my past instead. But day by day throughout the program, I was feeling more hopeful that I can turn things around in my life. I learnt a lot about how thoughts and emotions mislead us and keep us under control - and now I feel liberated because I know that I can be in control! I absolutely recommend this program! The knowledge is invaluable, the information is clearly presented, the structure is well thought out. Berni is friendly and encouraging and supportive - and honest! She delivers throughout the program what she promises. 

Glenn G.


Dive deeper into healing from low self-worth than ever before!

I have been trying to start my own business for over a year now, but self-doubts and limiting beliefs have stopped any progress. After BREAK FREE, I know I now have the tools to continue eliminating limiting beliefs until the wall is gone. To me the real value of the course is Berni’s support and encouragement. I call her training videos “magic videos” because every time I have a question, I watch the next video and there’s the answer. If I’m having trouble completing the lessons or want to quit, I watch the next video and there’s more encouragement to keep going. It is difficult for me to put into words how highly I would recommend this course. If you’re in doubt about joining Break Free, think about how much you loved the Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit. You will know this course is right for you.

Kelly K.

United States of America

I stopped judging my imperfections and finally succeeded in being kind to myself 

Until I took Berni’s course, I didn’t even realize how much I judged myself using society’s misguided idea of perfection. I did not judge others’ worth using these ridiculous criteria. But, unconsciously, I was never as kind to myself. The course helped me quiet my mind, reframe my negative thoughts, and challenge my limiting beliefs.

Calder B.

United States of America

This course has dramatically changed my view of myself and my relationships

I have really connected with my inherent worth. This has led to a legitimate strong and deep liking for myself that I did not feel before, an easing up on others and more appreciation for others, and this has improved my relationships. I can bring up a feeling of warmth toward people, as I know of everyone else's inherent worthiness now, and am able to be much more comforting in a deep and real way, and connect on a deeper level. 

Edward R.

United States of America

I now live with a happier heart and a lot less fear

I never felt good enough for my parents. As a result, I was full of shame and believed I was an unacceptable person. Dr. Sewell’s BREAK FREE course let me see past that trauma. I could clear unhelpful beliefs, finally saw my true worth that was always there and I began to heal. Soon I was no longer a people-pleaser, I gained confidence in who I am. I now like the person I am and live my life with a happier heart and a whole lot less fear. I recommend BREAK FREE, because I trust it can help you too.

Course Modules

Here's What the Break Free Journey Looks Like...and it's going to be a prison break!


Module 1: Plan Your Escape

I will send you on a recon mission to explore the 5 levels of low self-worth that keep you stuck in a downward misery spiral. And introduce you to the 3 essential life skills (or superpowers if you so want) you need to transform it into an upward abundance spiral. We will also prepare your 5-step "Worthless to Limitless Roadmap" which is your escape plan to leave low self-worth behind and embark on the journey to a happier, more confident life.


Module 2: Reveal the Truth

Charge up your first essential life skill of X-ray vision (yes, you heard me right!) to expose society’s lies and misbeliefs and disempower the 10 random worth criteria society imposed on you. So you can realise that, no matter where you are in life, what you do, and what you think about yourself, you are good enough to break free from low self-worth. You already have what it takes. And I will help you see it.


Module 3: Pardon Yourself

Use your newly found X-ray vision superpower to see beyond the mistakes, failures and shortcomings of your past. So you can learn to forgive yourself, develop self-love and self-compassion and know that you deserve a happier life. No matter what you believe you did (or failed to do) in the past, it's time to stop punishing yourself for it. And start moving towards a better life.


Module 4: Overpower the Guard

Power up your second essential life skill of mind control to stop the automated toxic thoughts and worries that keep you trapped, conquer habitual self-condemnation and regain control of your thoughts, actions and experiences. So you can become the creator of your dream life instead of being a powerless passenger on the highway to hell.


Module 5: Breach the Wall

Develop the third essential life skill of On-Demand Micro-Healing (aka energy blast) to supercharge your escape by blowing up the wall of limiting beliefs that towers between you and the life you want. So you can become empowered to overcome all obstacles between you and your dreams in record speed.


Module 6: Overcome the Roadblocks

Congratulations! You broke out of the low self-worth prison. Now, let's make sure you stay out. Learn to recognise the 4 sneaky tactics the mind (=the guard) employs to lure you back into your prison. And arm yourself with powerful tools to overcome the mind’s resistance. So you can remain on your path to a happier life, more confidence and a loving relationship with yourself.

Follow a Proven System to Free Yourself from Low Self-Worth

Discover your "Worthless" to Limitless Roadmap, your escape plan that will guide you out of the prison of self-doubt, anxiety and self-sabotage. I will show you how to get past all 5 levels of low self-worth. So you are finally free to live the life you really want. Rather than settling for "not good enough."

Your "Worthless to Limitless Roadmap" escape plan


But that's not all. There's a little something extra!

Your questions answered guarantee ($197 value)

During the 6-week course, you will have access to recorded Frequently Asked Question sessions after every module to deepen your understanding of the week's course materials. You will also receive access to unlimited email support. Whenever you have a question or concern or get stuck, just email me. And I will be at hand with support and encouragment. So you can move forward with clarity and confidence at any point during the course.

More Course Bonuses

If you join Break Free today, you will also receive access to these amazing bonuses to support your escape from low self-worth:

Balance Your Emotions Masterclass ($197 Value)

Discover the power within you to regain control of your rampant emotions and find peace and calm in daily life.

In this 5-part video course, you will learn how to use the powerful energy healing technique of On-Demand Micro-Healing we will discuss in Week 5 of Break Free to delete out-of-control emotions and fears.

And you will learn an effective way to let go of negative emotions, so you can remain calm and balanced and in charge in daily life and during challenging times.

Available upon completion of Module 5.

Private Facebook Community ($97 Value)

Get quick access to support, advice and encouragement whenever you need it from Berni and your fellow escapees.

Your exclusive invitation to the Break Free Community private facebook group will be waiting for you in the course area as soon as you join Break Free.

Use the group as much (or little) as you want to meet all the lovely people who struggle like you, find understanding and support whenever you need, have your questions answered and make new friends.

Available immediately when you sign up!

And It Gets Even Better...

If you complete all parts of the Break Free "Worthless to Limitless Roadmap" in the 6 weeks of the course and accomplish your mission to escape from your low self-worth prison, you will receive 3-months free membership access to LIVE YOUR WORTH ($141 Value), a programme designed specifically to maintain the momentum you created during BREAK FREE and make life transformation an integral, natural part of your life. So, you can create a life you love.

Enjoy the ongoing encouragement from Berni and your peers, benefit from monthly live group coaching calls to keep you on track towards your dream life. And get continued access to unlimited email support to help you maintain your momentum and overcome any challenges you may encounter on the way.

So, you are never alone on your journey to confidence, self-love and your happy life!

What Makes Break Free Different to All the Other Self-Improvement Courses You Have Taken?

I know you have tried a lot of different things to improve your life, with limited success. So, why should Break Free be the solution to finally overcome low self-worth and create a life you love?

It Tackles all 5 levels of low self-worth

If your experience is anything like mine, then healing low self-worth seems almost impossible. It's frustrating and upsetting, one failure after another. And after years of trying, you are still stuck in automated toxic thinking, limiting beliefs and self-judgement.

But that's not because there is something wrong with you. But because, so far, you haven't addressed all 5 levels of low self-worth. 

Don't give up on yourself, don't surrender to low self-worth. Instead, tackle all 5 levels of low self-worth. And the result will be astounding.

It's the best of both worlds

I believe our conventional spirituality vs science approach sabotages our ability to heal and improve our lives. If you ever want to escape low self-worth, you will need both.

Break Free uses a powerful blend of cutting-edge science and energy healing to blast through all 5 levels of low self-worth in the shortest time possible.

So you can enjoy your dream life. Instead of wasting your time trying to get better with incomplete methods that won't work.

It's designed to keep you motivated

Escaping low self-worth requires action. You will have to put the boots to the pavement and walk.

Break Free is therefore not a passive information download. It's an experience product, specifically designed to help you build momentum on your escape from low self-worth and beyond. Through step-by-step implementation and constant small wins until you reach your goal.

So, overcoming low self-worth is no longer something you have to endure if you want to improve your life. But something you look forward to every day.

Experience product

Here's Everything You Get When You Join Break Free

If you join Break Free today, in 6 weeks from now, you will know how to use the 3 essential life skills to break through all 5 levels of low self-worth. So you can live according to your own rules, free from societal worth criteria, self-condemnation and toxic thinking. Without limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubt holding you back on your journey to the happier life you deserve.

Let's Recap What You'll Get...

  • Lifetime Access to All 6 BREAK FREE Modules ($497 Value)
  • Immediate Start with the Pre-Course Content (dive right in!)
  • BONUS #1: 6 FAQ Call Recordings and Unlimited Email Support ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Balance Your Emotions Masterclass ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Access To BREAK FREE Private Facebook Group ($97 Value)
  • MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BONUS: 3 Months Free Access to LIVE YOUR WORTH ($141 Value)

Total Value: $1129

Join Today for Only: $497  $199

The Break Free online course will usually cost $497. But, because you have already tackled Level 1 of low self-worth by completing the Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit and starting to affirm "I AM worth", I want to honour your commitment by offering you the entire 6-week BREAK FREE course and all the bonuses for an amazing 60% off if you join in the next 5 days. Just enter the discount code you received per email at checkout.

Commitment Offer ends in:

You missed out!

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this course or find that it is not for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and we'll either help you out until you are satisfied and have everything you need to complete your escape from low self-worth prison or we'll give you a swift refund, no questions asked.

About Berni Sewell

Dr Berni Sewell, PhD, is a health scientist, energy healer and self-worth blogger.

At the age of 25, her anxiety had become so debilitating that she felt like a prisoner in her tiny flat in Vienna. For years, she researched powerful ways to break free from her limitations. She tried countless exercises, read all the books, took courses. Until she discovered that all her struggles were caused by 5 levels of low self-worth. Once she found ways to eradicate them all, she escaped her low self-worth prison within a few weeks. And was finally free to eliminate her life-long struggles with anxiety, self-doubt and low confidence within the next 6 months. 

And now she is on a mission to help other people overcome low self-worth. Because, no matter how old you are, how long you have suffered and how hopeless it seems, with the right tools, overcoming low self-worth is not only possible, it’s inevitable. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor...

Lori Kirstein

Lori Kirstein

Emotional Linguist™, Leadership Coach

Just WOW!

Berni and her teachings gave me ways to heal myself while in the midst of low self-worth, fear and uncertainty. And as I started using them, I began to heal in one moment what would have taken days before - and I healed in one day what would have taken weeks.

Self-worth coach

Sylvia G.

This helped me get through a very difficult emotional experience that caused me to question my value

I feel like I can relate to Berni more than anyone else I’ve followed in the self-help arena. She inspires me with her honest self-reflection, her simplicity and realism, and the deep compassion flowing through her words that uplift and heal.

What other people think of your Advanced Self-Worth Course instructor

Mike Mather

Founder of Dharmaholic

I finally have the confidence to follow my dreams

I am a huge fan of Berni Sewell.  Every day I remember her teachings through my mantras, and as often as I can I read her insightful blog. Her wisdom has helped me shake my negative self-image and allowed me the confidence to build my own online recovery portal,

What the BREAK FREE Online Course is NOT...

I want you to be comfortable with this program. Because BREAK FREE is not what you expect from your typical, average online course.

So I want to set the right expectations and be clear about what this course is not


Break Free is Not a Passive Information Download

This course is not about just sitting back, learning a bunch of theory and then doing nothing with it. This is an implementation-focused experience product. Designed to motivate you to take daily action through a powerful system of constant small wins and peak emotional experiences that will eliminate your feelings of "can't do it" and create unstoppable momentum on your escape from low self-worth.

I will show you my "Worthless to Limitless Roadmap". But you need to take action. You need to invest about 30 minutes a day, every day. Only sign up for this if you are happy and willing to do the real work to free yourself from low self-worth.


Break Free is NOT an Instant Miracle Cure

I wish I could give you an instant cure for low self-worth that will heal your entire life in one second. But, there is none. A miracle cure for low self-worth, unfortunately, doesn't exist. For decades you've been exposed to society's worthlessness beliefs, told yourself that you weren't good enough and felt ashamed of your inferiority. And it will take some time to undo the past damage, even after you escaped the low self-worth prison.

If you aren’t excited about discovering a sustainable, effective and practical system that will transform your life step by step, then Break Free isn’t for you.


Break Free is Not a 6-Week Only Program

I know from experience that using any new healing system for only a few weeks is a waste of time. If you only focus on “getting better now” and stop practising what you learned once the course is finished, unfortunately, sooner or later, you will end up where you started.

Because healthy self-worth is not an end state, it's a lifestyle. BREAK FREE is about establishing a sustainable, positive habit of small daily actions that will create a neverending motivation stream and become an integral part of a happy life. 

frequently asked questions

What happens when I buy the course today?

You will automatically be directed to a secure payment platform where you can pay with credit card (don't forget to enter your discount code to get your 60% off). Once your payment is processed, you will be redirected to your course where you can start with the pre-course content and activities straight away. You will also receive a welcome email with your login details. You will receive regular emails to keep you in the loop, so you know exactly what is happening and when. 

The course will kick off the very next day and will run for 6 weeks. Every week, we will tackle a different part of your escape from low self-worth as part of 6 separate course modules. You will get access to one 10-25 minute video lesson every day for 5 days. Each video contains one step towards your mission accomplished goal of escaping all 5 levels of the low self-worth prison. And you will have one action step to take every day. So, put aside between 30 and 40 minutes a day to invest in your healing journey. You will also have two catch-up days at the end of each module so you never need to feel overwhelmed and access to a recorded Frequently Asked Questions sessions on day 6 of every week.

I am sceptical about energy healing. Will the course still work for me?

Absolutely! Energy healing doesn't care whether you believe in it or not. It just works. Because whether our modern society believes in it or not, our energy body is real. Just as real as our physical body. And we need to look after it just like we need to care for our physical body if we want to become and remain healthy, balanced and happy.

So, you don't need to fully believe in energy healing. You just need to be willing to try. Do the exercises (all of them!) even if  you are sceptical or feel silly. I know for certain that this can be the way towards a better life, more confidence and self-love. As long as you don't let the conditioned prejudices of your mind stop you from going all in. And let's face it, you have nothing to lose. But so much to gain.

Just check out what energy sceptic Calder B. has to say about his experience with the course:

“You don't have to believe in energy healing to get a lot of benefits from this course. I was not 100% on it, but it does have similarities to conventional therapies, and it definitely worked for me. I have really connected with my inherent worth. This has led to a legitimate strong and deep liking for myself that I never felt before. And a better understanding and more appreciation for others, which has improved my relationships.”

What if I'm not ready? Or I can't do it?

To tell you the truth - you will never be ready. Your mind will always want to keep you in your comfort zone, safely tucked away in your little cell. But I will show you ways to overcome all those doubts, worries and fears. I will help you realise that you are so much more powerful than you think. And that you can achieve and be so much more than you ever imagined.

We will do it together. Step-by-step, we will get you out of that low self-worth prison. Because you don't deserve to be there, and with my support you will break free. All you need to do is keep going, take daily, small action. And be determined to fight for yourself. Because you ARE worth!

And leave all the rest to me.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes, and no. You will get access to one training session a day. So, you can't do the course faster than in 6 weeks. This is by design as I don't want you to become overwhelmed and stop taking daily action altogether.

But you can go slower to suit your schedule. That being said, a couple of days break can quickly become a week, and then a month. And a year from now you will still be stuck in low self-worth. I want you to succeed. And the best chance of success comes from keeping up with the program as it was intended.

You will always have the catch-up days after each module if you fall behind. So, don't panic. If you miss a day, just start again the next day.

And if you want to get the Mission Accomplished bonus of 3 months free access to the LIVE YOUR WORTH for continued support, encouragement and motivation beyond BREAK FREE, you will have to complete the course by the 6-week mark (plus one week grace period).

Is there a place where I can ask questions and get help if I am stuck?

Yes! You can ask any question at any point in the private Facebook group and receive support and advice from your fellow low self-worth escapees and me.

And you can always email me at [email protected]! Because unlimited email support is included in the course as a special bonus. So you never get stuck on the way.

What if I change my mind?

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course or simply want your money back, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase. No questions asked.

Just make sure that YOU decide. Don't let your fears, worries and doubts make the decision for you. The mind has devious ways to stop you from transforming your life. And we will learn powerful ways to expose the mind's manipulations so you can live life on your own terms during the course.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course, all materials, the live call recordings and the private Facebook group. However, please note that this will be my lifetime, rather than yours. But I am hoping for at least another 40+ years... :)

If you complete your mission within the 6 weeks (plus one week grace period) and submit your prison break story, you will receive 3 months free access to the LIVE YOUR WORTH, a continuity programme designed to keep you motivated to take the daily, small action that will create your dream life. This access only will expire after 3 months unless you decide to sign up for the membership at $47 per month.

You've Been Imprisoned Long Enough. You Deserve a Better Life. And it's Time to Break Free!

Join the 6-week online course to learn and apply the 3 essential life skills you'll need to break through all 5 levels of low self-worth. So you can leave low self-worth behind and start creating a life you truly want and love.

Now, It's Time For You to Act

I know your mind is working overtime right now trying to convince you that Break Free is not for you.

Maybe it's not right for you, maybe you will fail again. Maybe energy healing is a scam or, if it isn't, it won't work for you anyway. What if you fall behind, can't do it, are too young, too old, too damaged, not good enough. What if it's hopeless...

Believe me, I've been there.

But I escaped low self-worth, I broke free using the exact "Worthless to Limitless Roadmap" I will teach you. And I watched other people do the same with my support.

There is hope.

But hope alone won't get you out of low self-worth. Action will.

And the best action you can take right now to free yourself from the limitations of low self-worth is to join me over the next 6 weeks to Break Free.

I know you won't regret it.

Dr Berni Sewell

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