"I AM worth. So, now what?"

Do you keep affirming your worth? But still revert back to feeling inferior, inadequate and irrelevant in social interactions, at work or when faced with authority figures, criticism or disrespect? And does it frustrate you, make you feel damaged and hopeless? Then this will help...


Are You Tired of Feeling Frustrated, Angry and Disappointed with Yourself?

I know you are sick of trying to change who you are to fit in and be acceptable. Fed up with all the anxiety, shame and emotional pain. And stressed from hiding your true Self from the outside world for fear you're not good enough.

You want to express yourself without trepidation. Live on your own terms without limitations, without questioning your own worth.

You just want to be happy.

And you already made the first step. You've become aware of your true, inner worth. You invested your time to study the materials in the free "Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit". You affirm "I AM worth."

But do you still struggle to rid yourself of these stubborn feelings of worthlessness? Does your self-worth still crumble when you are stressed, emotionally compromised or feel disrespected?

And do you ask yourself what the hell could be wrong with you? Why you just can't figure this out? Why this isn't working for you?

Then this message is for you.

About The Self-Worth Experiment

I'm Berni Sewell,

the Founder of The Self-Worth Experiment

I struggled with severe anxiety, low confidence and crippling self-doubt for over 15 years. But then I realised that I WAS worth. Personified.

My healing journey began when I started to affirm: "I AM worth as much as everybody else on this planet."

But while the knowledge of my true, inner worth improved my life significantly, I still struggled with feelings of worthlessness. My rational mind knew that worth was the essence of my Being. It rang true and felt right.

But I still felt self-conscious during social interactions. I still cringed when random people laughed near me because I assumed they were making fun of me. I still panicked and went blank when reporting to my boss because his superiority intimidated me.

For 6 years I read every available self-help book, practiced countless techniques, methods and exercises and experienced a ridiculous amount of failure, disappointment and frustration over my lack of progress.

I thought I was a hopeless case, preparing myself to settle for a life of mediocrity, anxiety and "not good enough". Until I finally discovered the (slightly unconventional) 3-step healing system that helped me overcome low self-worth within 6 months.

Which I now want to share with you.

Are You Stuck in The Low Self-Worth Wheel?

When your self-worth is low, it can feel like you are rushing and racing, desperate to catch up with the rest of the world. Almost killing yourself in the attempt to prove your worth. 

But you’re getting nowhere.

Your efforts are never enough. No matter what you do, how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, you still feel worthless, irrelevant, inferior compared to others.

And low self-worth, the misguided belief that you are inherently worthless, continues to wreak havoc in every area of your life:


Low Self-Worth Sabotages Your Relationships

Low self-worth convinces you that you are unlovable. Unworthy of other people’s affections, commitment and time.

You feel defective, inadequate, negative. Needy and insecure. Too boring and dull to make meaningful, lasting relationships. And you believe that no one would ever love you for who you are.

So, you change around other people to ensure they like you.

You suppress your true thoughts, feelings and opinions for fear your partner might see "the real you" and leave. Constantly waiting for them to tell you they aren't interested in you any longer. Overanalysing everything they say and do.

You worry that every little bump in the road is a disaster, every minor disagreement a reason for abandonment and rejection. Questioning their motives for being with you. Which, in turn, creates jealousy, emotional outbursts, fights and issues that otherwise might not exist. 

So, your romantic relationships keep failing, are unhappy or you choose partners who validate your sense of worthlessness.

All because, deep inside, you believe that you don't deserve happiness. That you aren’t good enough to have a loving partner.

And you have no clue how to ever get it right.


Low Self-Worth Ruins Your Social Life

Low self-worth tricks you into believing that, as a person, you are unacceptable. You assume that no one will like you, that others will automatically reject you. 

This can leave you with practically no social life. Because you’re unable to muster up the confidence or motivation to introduce yourself to others. You try to survive each day without being noticed. And then go to bed feeling empty, alone.


When you do find yourself in social situations, you constantly worry what the other people think about you. Basing your opinion of yourself on how others see you (even if you're just guessing).

You feel like the outsider, uncomfortable and awkward. Spending most of the time trying to relax and have fun while fighting the voices in your head that insist that you aren’t worthy.

In conversations, you hesitate to speak up for fear that your opinions may be judged, that you could say something stupid, or that others won’t listen or care.

And then you spend half of the night replaying every interaction in your mind, convincing yourself that people will think badly of you because of the mortifying things you said or did.

Beating yourself up so much, that, sometimes, it's hard to get back up.


Low Self-Worth Stunts Your Career

Low self-worth tells you that nothing you do is good enough. You aren’t smart enough, quick enough, professional, competent, young enough. You’re not learning, remembering, putting it all together "enough". 

You lack the confidence to progress in your career. And are too scared to follow your dreams and aspirations.

And you believe that you are only worth as much as you accomplished in a day.

You constantly compare yourself to your colleagues, who seem so much more intelligent and capable. Believing that everyone is further along the road to success than you are.

Wishing you could be more significant, special, relevant.

None of your achievements seem to matter. As if, whatever your task, you already failed even before you start. Disappointment, misery and humiliation are the only conceivable outcomes. 

Even if someone compliments your work, you believe that they must be lying. Or are terrified that it’s only a matter of time until they realise that you are a fraud.

And, deep down, you know that none of this makes sense. But you just can't shake the feeling of worthlessness.

And It Gets Even Worse…

The worst problem of low self-worth is that it destroys the relationship you have with yourself. 

Your biggest struggle is just to be ok with yourself. Sometimes it’s impossible to like who you are

You feel so much shame. Hate yourself for being such a failure. So weak, anxious, unable to cope with life as well as other people. You are sick and tired of being held hostage by these outrageous thoughts and feelings about yourself. 

You just want to start living before your life is over. Be free, confident. Happy.

But you can’t seem to help yourself. You can't seem to overcome your feelings of worthlessness.

Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being You

I know you’ve been trying to resolve this for a long time. Struggled to overcome your low confidence, fears and self-doubt in every way you know.

I know you have started to affirm: "I AM worth." Started to become aware of your true, infinite worth that is part of your Being.

And I know you feel better for it.

But still, no matter what you do, you cannot get past the feelings and beliefs, deep in your heart, that you are worthless.

And you keep asking yourself: “What is wrong with me?”

But that’s the wrong question…

What's Wrong With Our Society?

We all grow up being taught that human beings are inherently worthless. That we have to fulfil strict criteria to gain worth. Accumulate wealth, possessions, qualifications, accomplishments and achievements to be of any value.

And, for most of us, the criteria are unobtainable. Leaving us stuck in a pitch-black void, doomed to a miserable existence of life-long worthlessness.

Or at least that’s what it feels like.

Because the truth is that worth is nothing we can ever have. Nothing we can increase, gain. Or lose.

Worth is the essence of our Being. We ARE worth. Personified. Every one of us is 100% unlimited, unconditional worth.

You've made the first step of the healing process. You know (at least theoretically) that worth is the essence of your Being.

But nothing is wrong with you, if you still revert back to worthlessness thinking in daily life.


It’s not your fault.

Because all your struggles result from society’s misconceptions that you were indoctrinated with since you were born. Leaving you with a massive mountain of limiting beliefs, damaging habitual behaviours and toxic thinking patterns that destroy your life.

Despite affirming your worth, you plummet back into worthlessness in daily life. Not because you are weak, damaged or broken but because your confidence and self-doubt issues, the anxiety and self-sabotage, the self-judgement, self-consciousness and self-punishment have become your default response to life.

But you are not a failure.

You are a valuable, lovable, wonderful human being. And you have every right to feel good about yourself. You deserve to be happy. To heal.

You didn’t make this happen. You are not to blame for your feelings of worthlessness. You didn’t manifest them. You didn't cause your low self-worth.

But you are now responsible for overcoming it.

For walking away from suffering. And moving towards the truth to self-acceptance, self-love and self-belief. Towards worth.

Nobody else can save you.

It’s time to put the boots to the pavement and walk. Bust those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in worthlessness. Shake off those toxic habits and start a new chapter.

You are more than capable enough. I believe in you. 

You can ditch those misguided societal beliefs,  shed the toxic thoughts and feelings about yourself and commence the life you were meant to live.

And I will show you how.

Finally Revealed: The 3-Step Self-Worth Healing Strategy That Made Me Love and Accept My True Self in Only 6 Months (after 6 Years of Failed Attempts)

Advanced Self-Worth Course overview

In the Advanced Self-Worth Course, I'm teaching my entire healing system for realising your true worth, clearing limiting beliefs, transforming a negative self-image and making self-care a permanent part of a happy life.

This means we cover everything you need to skyrocket your self-worth, boost your confidence and finally rid yourself off all the struggles listed above. 

And we will do it in 3 simple (but powerful) steps:


Step 1 - Break Free from the Automated Low Self-Worth Habit

We explore society's worth misconceptions and doctrines, test our own level of worth and royally bust the worthlessness myth. The goal of step 1 is to become empowered to transcend societal conditioning and damaging habitual behaviour. And finally embrace our true worth.


Step 2 - Clear Your Worthlessness Beliefs with the Quick and Easy Healing Technique that Really Works

We discover and practice On-Demand Micro-Healing as a unique and novel way to dismantle low self-worth from within, clear limiting beliefs about ourselves and replace negativity with positive energy. Anywhere, anytime. Without having to block out valuable time in our busy diary (because each micro-healing event only takes a few seconds).


Step 3 - Employ the Secret to Successful Life Transformation

We explore ways to overcome the obstacles and fears that sabotage our efforts to transform our lives. And discover how we can heal ourselves towards a happy, confident, fulfilled life using the 4P-Method.

This is not a theoretical brain dump containing advice you've heard 17 times before already. This is a hands-on, interactive, learning-by-doing step-by-step guide. I will teach you the entire self-worth healing system that I used to successfully overcome my own feelings of worthlessness and inferiority. 

I’ll tell you more about exactly what you’ll get in a moment. But first let me be clear about some things…

“Self-worth is vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s hard to feel good about anything else.” 

Sandra Hale 

What The Advanced Self-Worth Course is NOT...

I want to set the right expectations. Because the Advanced Self-Worth Course is not what you expect from your typical, average online course.

The Advanced Self-Worth Course is NOT a Passive "Information Download"

This course is not about just sitting back, learning a bunch of theory and then doing nothing with it. This is an implementation-focused course. Designed to guide you through a powerful system of exercises and actions that will eliminate your feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt and negativity about yourself.

I will show you my healing system. But you need to take action. Don’t sign up for this if you don’t want to do the real work. This course is not for “self-transformation tourists”.

The Advanced Self-Worth Course is NOT an Instant Miracle Cure

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is not the wonder pill that will heal your entire life in one second. A miracle cure for low self-worth, unfortunately, doesn't exist. For decades you've been exposed to society's worthlessness beliefs, told yourself that you weren't good enough and felt ashamed of your inferiority. And it will take some time to undo the past damage.

If you aren’t excited about discovering a sustainable and effective healing process that will transform your life step by step, then the Advanced Self-Worth Course isn’t for you.

The Advanced Self-Worth Course is NOT Just a Healing System

Using any new healing system for only a few weeks is a waste of time. If you only focus on “getting better now” and stop practising what you learned once the course is finished, you will end up where you started.

Because healthy self-worth is not an end state, it's a lifestyle. The Advanced Self-Worth Course is about establishing a sustainable, positive habit that will become an integral part of a happy life.

Why Healing Low Self-Worth is The Best (and Easiest) Way to Transform Your Life

  • 1
    Sure, you can try to eliminate all symptoms one-by-one. But, the thing is, working on your self-esteem, your confidence, your self-doubt, self-sabotage and anxiety individually is not only time-consuming, expensive and stressful, but also futile. Because, if you still believe in your worthlessness, all your efforts will be in vain. By healing low self-worth you eradicate the root cause. Instead of patching up the symptoms.
  • 2
    I've always found it impossible to keep up any activity that required me to block out a certain amount of time each day. Even if it's only 20 minutes, I just can't keep it up. That's why the healing strategy I teach in the Advanced Self-Worth Course is On-Demand Micro-Healing. Each healing event only takes 7 seconds and you can fit it into even the busiest day, no matter where you are and what you're doing.
  • 3
    When your self-worth is low it can feel like the Universe hates you. You never get what you want, always attract the wrong people into your life and everything seems to go wrong. Simply because you believe you don't deserve the things you yearn for. And you always get what you believe you deserve. Once you embrace your true worth, your infinite deservedness, good fortunes will come your way. Simply because you know that you are worthy of abundance, love and happiness.
  • 4
    How often have you started a new transformative course, exercise or self-improvement regime and saw some positive change? But after a while went back to square one. Stuck with the same pain, struggles and frustration again. My On-Demand Micro-Healing strategy is designed to not only help you heal your low self-worth but also effortlessly maintain a healthy level of worth. For the rest of your life.

What You'll Get When You Join The Advanced Self-Worth Course Today

Lifetime access to 5 Modules Comprising 50 Video Lessons to Help You to...

  • Ditch the worthlessness myth
  • Break the low self-worth habit
  • Maintain healthy self-worth for the rest of your life using One-Demand Micro-Healing and the 4P Method.

112 Audio and PDF Downloads to Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime

  • 4 downloadable Guided Meditations
  • 3 pdf guides
  • The On-Demand Micro-Healing Checklist
  • Audio versions and pdf transcripts of all course lessons

5 Self-Assessment Tests You Won't Get Anywhere Else

  • What's Your Societal Worth Level?
  • Which 5 Limiting Beliefs are Sabotaging Your Life?
  • What's Your Self-Worth Type?
  • Self-Worth Healing Progress Tracker

And More...

During the Advanced Self-Worth Course you will discover entire 3-step healing system I used to overcome my feelings of worthlessness and all of its symptoms.  But there is more...

Access to a private Community

Join a community exclusive to course participants full of people who know exactly what you are going through. Find understanding, support and accountability. And I will be on hand to answer your questions.


Free Bonus: Holistic Self-Worth Healing

You'll get a complete bonus module designed to enhance your self-worth even further, including 4 videos on:

  • How to boost your self-worth with the right diet and posture
  • A powerful technique to overcome guilt and shame
  • Cleansing your body's self-worth centre

What You'll Discover in The Advanced Self-Worth Course Modules


1, 2, 3...Blast Off!

Boosting your self-worth is like launching a rocket into space. Once you got all the basics right, done your preparation and know what you're doing, your rocket will soar, no problem. We will make sure you have everything you need for your self-worth to take off like Apollo 11. In 1, 2, 3 easy steps.


Catch It, Bin It, Fill It

A crucial part of healing low self-worth is to dismantle the monstrous pile of limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. We will discover how to use On-Demand Micro-Healing to identify, delete and counteract toxic thought patterns and damaging beliefs. One at a time. In mere seconds.


Your Big Worth Inventory

Before you can start to move forward, you have to know exactly where you are. We will explore your current level of worthiness, identify your major obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs and determine your self-worth type. To make sure your personal healing strategy is tailored to your needs.


The Red Pill Factor

A big part of healing low self-worth is waking up to the reality. Of your worth, society's lies, myths and misconceptions. And yourself. All I'm offering is the truth. You sign up for the Advanced Self-Worth Course, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. 


4P Is Victory

Healing your self-worth is only one chapter of your story. Sure, it may take 6 months or even a year to overcome your feelings of worthlessness, your self-doubt and low confidence. But the real trick is to maintain a high level of self-worth, easily and effortlessly, for the rest of your life. Using the 4P Method.


The Healthy Self-Worth Formula

Healing your self-worth and starting to feel good about yourself requires a specific formula. You have to add a little, take a little, let your reality break a little. It is all about achieving a healthy balance. And I will show you exactly how...

You don’t have to feel worthy to get started. You have to start to eventually feel worthy.

About Dr Berni Sewell, Your Advanced Self-Worth Course Instructor

People tend to call me a self-worth expert. I don't know whether I am. But I managed to heal my low self-worth and transform my life from a miserable, terrifying mess to a happy, confident success. Using the 3-step healing strategy I will teach in the Advanced Self-Worth Course.

You see, back when I was 25, I suffered from severe anxiety (including social anxiety, toilet anxiety and driving anxiety), crippling self-doubt and the constant nagging feeling that I was inferior to everybody else.

My feelings of worthlessness made me an insecure people pleaser in relationships, annihilated my social life, stopped me from voicing my opinion for fear of judgement and sabotaged my budding career as a health scientist.

I suffered a particularly debilitating bout of anxiety, unable to leave my home. Hiding under my desk, struggling to breathe, when my Mum sent me to see a healer in 2010. 

Who diagnosed me with low self-worth.

I spent the next 6 years reading, learning, contemplating. Testing countless self-help techniques, training to be a spiritual energy healer. Until I figured out the most effective (and easiest) way to heal low self-worth.

And I will show you just that in the Advanced Self-Worth Course. I can't wait to get started!

What People Are Saying...

What other people think of your Advanced Self-Worth Course instructor

I like the way Dr Sewell tells it like it is.

“I have been a huge fan of Berni Sewell since I first took her Happiness Killer Quiz a year ago.  Every day I remember her teachings through my mantras, and as often as I can I read her insightful blog. Her wisdom has helped me shake my negative self-image and allowed me the confidence to build my own online recovery portal, Dharmaholic.com.”

Mike Mather (Australia)

this helped me get through a very difficult emotional experience that caused me to question my value and self-worth.  

"I feel like I can relate to Berni more than anyone else I’ve read in the self-help arena. She inspires me with her honest self-reflection, her simplicity and realism, and the deep compassion flowing through her words that uplift and heal."

Sylvia G. (USA)


“Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor, nisi elit consequat ipsum, nec sagittis sem nibh id elit. Duis sed odio sit amet nibh vulputate cursus a sit amet mauris. Morbi accumsan ipsum velit. (Nam nec tellus a odio tincidunt auctor a ornare odio.)”

Maureen G. (USA)

Advanced Self-Worth Course overview

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