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A powerful tactic to release emotional pain

By Dr Berni Sewell | Transform your life

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Mar 27

We’ve all experienced emotional pain.

Acute agony such as grief, disappointment, rage. They arise from a specific traumatic experience, are reactions to devastating loss, betrayal, injustice.

They have a clear trigger. And they subside again after a while. When life moves on.

And we with it.

But what about the emotional pain that never leaves?The chronic torture that remains with us every hour of every day. For no apparent reason.

You know what I’m talking about.

The paralysing anxiety that tries to crush your chest and takes your breath away. Only because you have to go to the shop across the road.

This overwhelming anger that erupts out of the blue, triggered by the smallest of disturbances. Uncontrollable, terrifying. And followed by humiliation, self-disgust and self-punishment.

That crippling shame that makes you hate yourself for being who you are, for the mistakes you made and the life you live. 

And the all-consuming hopelessness and emptiness that make you doubt the value and purpose of your life.

When emotional pain becomes chronic, we feel like we want to crawl out of our skin. Run away from it all. Just make it stop.

So, we try to numb the pain. With medication, alcohol, drugs, food. We try to distract ourselves by working all hours, shopping, partying. We become addicts, alcoholics, workaholics, chocaholics, shopaholics

All to make the pain bearable. Before it destroys us.

But numbing the pain is not the solution. We need to eradicate it. Eliminate it altogether.

And there is only one way to do it.

The important purpose of pain

Physical pain is your body’s clear signal that something is wrong.

Just imagine you broke a leg and felt no pain. You may not even know that something is wrong. Due to the lack of pain, you would never rest the leg, give the bone no chance to heal.

And run into enormous trouble down the line.

Pain is vital for our survival. Without it, we wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on in our body. Would be oblivious if something was amiss.

You see, an aching knee while running is your body telling you it’s been too much. Just stop now please!

Lower back pain may be your body complaining about your bad posture. Stand up straight please!

A sore stomach may mean your body had too much food it didn’t like. Eat healthier please!

As such, pain is not only a warning signal but also a prompt to stop the behaviourthat causes it.

The same applies to emotional pain which appears when something is wrong in your energy body. And it’s a request to change the behaviour that caused the problem.

But how do we know what’s wrong in the energy body? And what can we do to mend it?

The one problem that causes all your emotional pain

Your energy body is a vital energy field that extends beyond the constraints of your physical body and connects you to Universal energy through its chakras.

A healthy, balanced energy body is the major prerequisite for your health. All troubles start here. And, consequently, all emotional, mental and physical issues can be extinguished by focusing our healing efforts on restoring balance in our energy body.

This includes emotional pain. Which is caused by a single (but massive) problem:

Critical internal pressure.

What’s internal pressure and where does it come from?

Physics dictates that pressure increases the more you shove into a constant volume. Just think of a bicycle tyre. The more air you pump into it, the higher the pressure becomes.

Until it bursts.

We spend most of our lives cramming stuff into our energy body. Cluttering it with suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs (about the world and ourselves) and the negative energies of our everyday stresses.

And the more we squash in, the higher the pressure.

Now, the energy body can cope with some suppressed energy without its balance being affected. But if you keep cramming junk into it, if you continue to suppress your emotions and hold on to your limiting beliefs, eventually you’ll experience emotional imbalance.

You know, this “short fuse” feeling, when the tiniest nothing makes you want to scream. Like the knife falling off the plate as you carry the dishes from the dinner table to the kitchen sink.

Your internal pressure is too high if you feel that you could explode or start to cry at any minute, often without much of a reason. If you go from happy to upset within seconds, without understanding why.

Or if you get stressed to boiling point by the most insignificant events. Such as being a minute late to your yoga class.

That’s not you being irrational, weak or going insane. It’s merely excess internal pressure in your energy system throwing you off balance.

But it gets worse.

The origin of all emotional pain

Emotional imbalance is your energy body’s first hint that the internal pressure is getting too high. But what happens if you don’t understand or listen to its warning? If you still suppress more? 

The pressure will continue to rise.

Until it reaches a critical level. Where the energy body is overwhelmed, unable to cope. Starting to crumble under the relentless pressure. 

It’s now at risk of suffering severe damage. Which would destroy your happiness and health. Ruin your entire life. Result in total breakdown.

So, a previously unheard energy body will crank it up a notch. It sounds alarm bells. Now desperate to get your attention. So you can solve the problem.

And emotional pain is your energy body’s only way to communicate its distress. To beg you to reduce internal pressure. 

Stop suppressing emotions, let go of limiting beliefs! PLEASE!

Before it’s too late.

What happens when we ignore the alarm?

Emotional pain will continue until we react and start to release internal pressure. The energy body won’t give up. It can’t. Because our survival depends on it.

The problem is that we have no clue what it wants to tell us.

So, our anxiety, guilt, shame, emptiness, the constant emotional agony, seem senseless. Without purpose or reason. A consequence of our failure in life. A testimony of our worthlessness.

Chronic emotional pain makes us feel damaged, wrong. Like we can’t live with ourselves.

As a result, we beat ourselves up, suppress even more toxic emotions, add new negative beliefs, flood our energy body with further stress and frustration.

Until the energy body goes into meltdown. And, desperate to survive the crushing force, its only choice is to vent pressure in whichever way it can.

Through panic attacks, anger outbursts, aggression and hysterical crying fits.

And there’s only one way out.

The trigger of all emotional pain

If we keep suppressing emotions and clinging on to limiting beliefs, the internal pressure in our energy system will rise. And if it becomes too high we experience emotional imbalance or even emotional pain.

A simple (yet powerful) exercise to eliminate emotional pain

The only true way to eliminate emotional pain is by reducing the internal pressure to a level where it is no longer dangerous to the energy body. To remove the need for the alarm.

And this means releasing the pent-up energy of suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and stress that cause the excess pressure.

Which is much easier than you may think.

You see, energy wants to flow. It resists being contained. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions are merely energy in motion. And we need to expend energy to keep them stationary in our energy body.

We need to cling on to them. 

Or they will dissolve, dissipate into nothing. This is also one of the reasons why we feel so fatigued and exhausted. It requires a massive amount of our energy to retain all those suppressed emotions and beliefs. Against their will.

And the easiest way to release suppressed energies (and boost your energy levels at the same time) is with this breathing exercise:

5-Step Pressure Relief Breathing

Note: You can find a demonstration of this exercise in the video above (starting at 11 minutes 49 seconds).

  • 1
    Sit or lie down comfortably. Don’t cross your arms or legs as it impedes the energy flow. Close your eyes.
  • 2
    Now set the intention to release trapped energies. Just affirm: “I am willing to release suppressed emotions, stress and limiting beliefs. I am free.”
  • 3
    Take a deep breath in through your heart centre.
  • 4
    Hold for a second and remind yourself of the intention to release. Energy follows attention. 
  • 5
    Exhale through your solarplexus (a major energy centre about 2 cm above your belly button). While you breathe out visualise the released energies leaving your body.

Repeat steps 3 to 5 at least 5 times.

Advanced version:

Once you are comfortable with the basic exercise, try to feel into your body for the major pressure points.

Can you detect pressure in your head, your heart, your stomach?

Then breathe out through these pressure points (instead of the solarplexus), releasing all the trapped energy that causes the pressure.

You can practice this breathing exercise as often as you want (but 5 to 10 times a day is a great start). It’s quick and easy and you can do it everywhere. 

Just please don’t close your eyes if you do it while driving!

How to live without emotional pain

If you suffer from emotional pain, your internal pressure is already critical. Reducing it is not optional.

It’s imperative.

Please know it’s not your fault thought. Nobody suppresses emotions intentionally. Nobody ignores the energy body’s warnings because it’s fun.

It’s just what happens.

Particularly in our society where so much knowledge regarding vital human energies has vanished.

Nobody is to blame for your situation. Especially not you. You didn’t know.

But it is now your responsibility to alleviate your energy body’s suffering. Release those emotions and beliefs. And reduce your internal pressure.

I’m not gonna lie. It will take time and persistence. You spent your entire life accumulating this critical mass of suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs. And it will require many a healing breath to eliminate them.

But every time you repeat the Pressure Relief Breathing exercise, the pressure will drop a tiny bit. Every day will be slightly better than the last.

Until your internal pressure will no longer be critical. And the emotional pain will be gone.

Eliminating emotional pain is possible. It’s in your grasp. You now have the knowledge and the tool. And I know you can do it.

All you have to do is start.

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  • Congratulations on a fantastic Vlog.

    You really spoke to me about the ways I have been storing my negative energy and the reason I am so sick with emotional pain.

    If this is the start of a new way to deliver this important message then you are on a winner.

    Thank you so much, Berni.

    love alwaz

    • Thank you so much, Mike! I am so glad you liked it and got some value out of it! Emotional pain never means that we are damaged or worthless. It is just pressure that has become too high. And I think it is important that we know that we aren’t at fault but that we can do something about it. All the very best, Berni

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