How to ​Reclaim your Life from Anxiety and Panic Even If you've been struggling for Years and already tried everything

The 20-day LESS FEAR challenge


​All the tools you need to free yourself from crippling anxiety

Overcoming anxiety is not a matter of your strength, age, willpower or whether you are good enough. ​In fact, you only need 3 things to free yourself from overwhelming, ever-present fear:

  • ​The willingness to change, grow and move forward, one tiny step at a time.
  • ​The determination to take consistent, small action towards your goal, every day.
  • ​And a tool box with tried and tested methods, techniques and exercises that are easy to remember and incorporate in your daily routine, don’t take up too much time and are proven to work effectively and reliably in reducing anxiety, fears and panic attacks.

​I cannot take action for you. I cannot carry you over the hurdle of your anxiety. That’s your task, your responsibility.

But I can give you support and a community so you no longer feel alone on this journey. I can give you guidance and a map so you can escape the prison of your fears. And I can give you ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED to finally reclaim your life from anxiety.

And that’s what the 20-day LESS FEAR challenge is about.

​With the right tools and support you will...


​When anxiety dictates your life, every day is full of limitations, compromises and constraints. You worry constantly, feel like a burden to others, stop going out and lock yourself in the familiar surroundings of your own home. Your life shrinks drastically in size. But anxiety is not a life sentence. With the right tools and guidance you can escape. You can be free. And I will give you the tools to break out!


​​Learn all the tools you need to take back control of your life. Find the strength to leave your comfort zone, get unstuck and follow your dreams and aspirations. No more giving up on life, no more regrets. Stop settling for "comfortable and safe". You deserve to be happy! And you can be. Because with the proper tools, life doesn't need to be your greatest struggle.


​Discover powerful techniques to stop panic and anxiety attacks before they become unstoppable, all-consuming avalanches. No more fear of debilitating panic attacks at work, in enclosed public places, in the car or on planes. Regain control over your emotions and take back your freedom and confidence (even if you have avoided public life for years).


​The trial and error of finding the right tools to overcome anxiety can be time-consuming and disheartening. Some available methods are useful but too complex and lengthy. Some work only in the short-term. But most don't work out at all. Leaving you more anxious and depressed than before. Save yourself months or even years of unnecessary suffering with all the tools that really work.


Everything you need in one place

16 lessons (plus 4 bonuses) with all the tools you need to overcome your anxiety

​Remove the barriers

​WEEK 1: FROM 23/10/2017

​Get out of the rut and start to transform your life as you learn tools to overcome fear of change, fear of failure and self-doubt.

Self-worth coach

​Love and accept yourself

​WEEK 2: FROM 30/10/2017

​Discover the tools you need to accept yourself. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start believing in your ability to cope with life.

​Let go and trust in life

​WEEK 3: FROM 6/11/2017

​Meet the tools to overcome the stress of trying to control everything, beat negativity and learn to deal with criticism.

Energy healer

​Lighten the fear burden

​WEEK 4: FROM 13/11/2017

​Discover the true reason for your anxiety and learn to eradicate it with the powerful tool every  anxious person needs to know.

​Everyday fear-busters


​​Learn tools to remove anxiety from daily life. Start to enjoy days without a knot in your stomach, a tight chest or shaky legs.

​No more worries


​​Powerful tools to stop worrying, overthinking and catastrophising. Learn to see the positives instead of always expecting the worst.

​Preventing panic attacks


​​​Regain your freedom with fast-acting, easy tools designed to stop a panic attack before it swallows you whole. 

​Never give up


​​​Learn to stay motivated on your way out of fear with the 4 essential steps to an anxiety-free life.

About Dr Berni Sewell

Hello! I am Berni, a health scientist and energy healer. Twelve years ago, my life was dictated by my fears. They controlled where I could go, paralysed me and stole my happiness. I never felt safe. ​I existed with an ever present jittery stomach and tight chest. I spent my days anticipating the worst that could happen in any situation. My quality of life was terrible. Joy, freedom and confidence non-existent. ​It took me years of trial and error to find the right tools that finally helped me reclaim my life. But I am free now. I live life on my own terms without constant fear. And you can too.

“​Nobody can reclaim your life for you. You have to save yourself. And with ALL the tried and tested tools in my fear-busting tool box you finally can.”

About The Self-Worth Experiment

Is The 20-Day LESS FEAR Challenge Right For You?

Not every course will be suitable for everybody. So make sure that the 20-day LESS FEAR challenge is right for you!


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    ​You are ready to transform your life but don't know where to start.
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    ​You had many unsuccessful attempts to free yourself from anxiety and are still searching for the right tools.
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    ​You are tired of taking this hurdle alone and seek support, understanding and guidance.
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    ​You are happy to give feedback on the pilot course in exchange for 60% discount.


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    ​You want a quick fix solution. Overcoming crippling anxiety takes time, persistence and determination. You need to take consistent, small action to achieve BIG wins. And the right tools, of course!
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    ​You are looking for a purely scientific solution to your problems. The 20-day LESS FEAR challenge offers a holistic solution.
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    ​​You aren't sure whether you want to invest time, money and energy into your recovery.
Get ​ALL the tools you need to overcome anxiety

​The 20-day LESS FEAR challenge is designed to provide you with ALL the tools you need to beat anxiety. If you feel that you do not benefit from the support, guidance, information and tool box, you have 30 days ​to send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.


ALL the tools you need, and more!

​During the 20-day LESS FEAR challenge you will discover ALL the tools I used to overcome crippling anxiety and panic attacks. These tools include powerful affirmations, effective visualisations, relaxing meditations and advanced but easy-to-use energy healing techniques. But there is more...

Access to a private Facebook Group

​​Join a community exclusive to course participants full of people who know exactly what you are going through. Find understanding, support and accountability. Have your questions answered and participate in daily live demonstrations of the tools, methods and exercises.


​Weekly group coaching calls

​This is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss the course content and deepen your understanding of the materials and tools. And get the encouragement and motivation you need to continue on your journey towards a new life. We are all in this together!


​A 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call

​​When it comes to reclaiming your life from anxiety, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some of the tools you learn during the course will be more relevant for your particular situation than others. In the private coaching call we will determine the best fear-busting strategy for YOU so you can move forward confidently following your personal "roadmap to recovery".

​Join the challenge today! And save $300 off the course price.

​Joining the 20-day LESS FEAR challenge pilot course today will get you the unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive bonuses, support and coaching at a one-time only discount of 60% off the course price.

​What you will get:

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    ​16 Fear-Busting Online Lessons
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    ​4 "emergency tool kit" Bonus Lessons
  • ​Reducing anxiety in daily life
  • ​Beating worry and negativity
  • ​Dealing with panic attacks
  • ​Finding motivation when the going gets tough
  • ​Access to a private Facebook group
  • ​Daily Facebook live demonstrations of the tools
  • ​Weekly group coaching calls
  • ​​​An exclusive 30-minute private coaching call
  • ​​​Your personal "roadmap to recovery"

​What it costs:

​The 20-day LESS FEAR challenge is a pilot course. This means that this is the first time I ever run it.

​I will need YOUR help to make it the best anxiety-busting course it can be.

So in exchange for your feedback on the course materials and delivery, you will get a discount of 60% off the price of the finished course.

The finished course will cost $497. ​But if you join today you will get it for a one-time only price of:​


Please note that, because I want to give everybody plenty of personal attention, the course is limited to 20 participants and it is first come, first served.

​Enrolment is now closed

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